Tuesday, August 30, 2016

NVSS is a slow-pitch softball league open to men 50 and up and women 40 and up.  Seven-inning doubleheaders Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Three conferences based on skill level.    
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Current News

IT'S NOT TOO LATE...to go for the gold!  In case you skipped the Olympics because of the Zika virus, there's still time to sign up online for the Senior Olympics (go to http://www.nvso.us/).  Twelve (12) bucks will get you signed up for any number of events, including the softball hit and throw.  Contact Del Wilson (703-434-1762) if you have any questions.

EXCESSIVE HEAT POLICIES: Will be implemented when Code Red Air Quality is forecast for any play date; or, when the Heat Index is forecast to be at or above 98 degrees before or at noon on any play date. Procedures can be found under the "About Us"/"Governing Documents" tabs.  However, managers are encouraged to use '1 and 1' and or five inning games whenever the conditions dictate.


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