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NVSS is a slow-pitch softball league open to men 50 and up and women 40 and up.  Seven-inning doubleheaders Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Three conferences based on skill level.    
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Current News

POPLAR TREE is out of action.  Effective immediately, all games scheduled for that location will be played at Greenbriar.  Managers should advise team members and arrange to have necessary items taken from the PT box for use at Greenbriar, and returned.

August BOD Minutes: Minutes have been posted.

Pre-Game Dynamic Warmup Exercises:  Dr Seth Blee, INOVA Physical Therapy, has provided NVSS with a suggested warm-up program for NVSS members to use prior to every game day.  These 11 dynamic stretches, when used BEFORE you start throwing or batting practice, will help you play the game better and avoid injuries.  Go to the “Physical Fitness, Conditioning and Fitness” and click on “Why and How for Adult Softball Warmups”.

USE OF 52/300 Balls for the Fall Season

As many of you know, several years ago Fairfax Adult Softball and Prince William Adult Softball adopted use of an ASA-approved 52/300 ball because of safety considerations.

This past Spring, NVSS introduced a 52/300 ball for play that many, if not most players found to be unsatisfactory. The Board then returned to use of the 44/375 ball for the rest of the season.

In July, the NVSS Safety Committee conducted a test of four 52/300 balls of different manufacture, as well as the 44/375 ball. While the 44/375 ball 'out-distanced' the 52/300 balls, two of the 52/300 balls were considered to have 'relatively good' performance/distance characteristics. These two were chosen for a full performance and safety test during the fall season under actual playing conditions.

NVSS remains first and foremost a recreational league, supported and operated by volunteers. It is a primary responsibility of the Board to give attention to safety issues, including offset bases, pitching screens, etc.

Use of 52/300 balls for the fall season represents a responsible step to conduct a full safety and performance test based on actual playing conditions. Both performance and injury results will be carefully monitored. At the conclusion of the season, managers and players will be polled concerning their preference for a ball to be used in the 2016 season (i.e., a 52/300 ball or 44/375 ball) , and subsequently. This feedback, combined with performance and injury results, will be used by the Board to make a final decision.

We hope you will understand the reasons and need for this test. Your patience in helping make NVSS both safe and fun is appreciated.

P.s. While some have suggested use of 'senior bats' for use with the 52/300 ball during the fall season, this is premature (and expensive for many players!) since no decision has yet been made on the adoption of a ball for use during the 2016 season.


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