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NVSS is a slow-pitch softball league open to men 50 and up and women 40 and up.  Seven-inning doubleheaders Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Three conferences based on skill level.    
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Current News

7:30 AM Tuesday: No reports of any unplayable fields at this time.  Some fields may be marginal depending on wind/sun between now and 9:30.  Managers will make final decision on playability.

We're going to try to play as many games as we can on Tuesday, but some fields may not be playable.  Check this site before you leave for the games...we'll post info as soon as we get it.  Managers will make the final decision on field playability.

Beginning Tuesday, July 7...we will begin using fields at Rolling Valley and Greenbriar.  Please double-check the revised schedule on this web site to insure you arrive at the correct field.  Contact your manager if you have any questions.

All-Star Game & Picnic Information

Dates and Location: Wednesday, July 8, Braddock Park, Fields 4, 5 & 6. Rain Make up Date, Friday, July 10.

Time: Opening Ceremony 9:30 AM, to be followed by 9-inning games for each conference, played concurrently.

Fields: National: Field #5; American: Field #4; Continental: Field #6

Picnic: Immediately following the games

Attendance: All are welcome. Many members have pre-paid; those who have not may pay 'at the door', $10 for adults, $2.00 for kids. See Kathryn Martin.

Desserts: Please bring a dessert to the pavilion to be shared by others.

Help: Is always needed and appreciated for setup and cleanup.

Umpires: National - Robert McIntosh (plate); Jack Mecca (field)
American - Ernie Wakeham (plate) and Del Wilson (field)
Continental - Jim Minarik (plate); Pete Hoffman (field)

Scorekeepers and Coaches: Please contact individual All-Star Coaches (Steve Adamson, Bruce Tiso, Don Henry, John Dwyer, Chuck Teaman, Roger Redelman) if you can help.

CONGRATULATIONS!  To National Conference All-Stars and Managers:

Washington Division, Manager Steve Adamson, N3

N2: David Black, Andy Loerch, Mike Kosar, Tom Portman, Tom Ramberg

N3: Steve Adamson, Rob Ellis, Steve Lake, Pete Shockley, Steve Turchan

N4: Mike Abraham, Mike Bellows, Gary Parks, Jerry Sheetz, Bob Williams

Wilson Division, Manager Bruce Tiso N5

N1: Wayne Masefield, George Pourchot, Tom Ryczek, Bryon Stiftar, George Woglom

N5: Mike Clark, Roger Kantner, Steve Kopstein, Bruce Tiso, Donnie Webber

N6: Bob Abels, Al Frank, Larry Lee, Chuck Maginn, Joe Mizzoni

CONGRATULATIONS!  To American Conference All-Stars and Managers:

Madison Division, Don Henry, A7

A1: Chris Christian, Rob Hanna, Dave Liberatore

A2: John Eiseman, Mark Mathiesen, Steve Sena

A3: Mike Archer, Colleen Cornwell, Marty Pfeifer

A7: Bob Davey, Neil Mitchell, Til Schraden

A8: Jack Katosh, Rich Lunsford, Edd Shoemaker

A12: Bill Bahnmeier, Alvin Brockway, Tony DiDonato

Monroe Division, Manager John Dwyer, A6

A4: Bob Robinson, Dan Foglio, Gary Gortenburg

A5: Jim Cole, John Connell, Bob Parker,

A6: David Jessie, Gene Molinelli, Nelson Yang

A9: Chris Holmberg, Hal Lippman, John Powers

A10: Tom Bailey, Mike Brazie Peter Stackhouse,

A11: Harry Collins, Jeff Hale, Gary McDermott

CONGRATULATIONS! To Continental Conference All-Stars and Managers:

Jefferson Division Chuck Teaman, C5

C1: Jeff Carter, Phil Johnson, Larry Romans, John Seaton

C2: Jack Frost, Steve Montana, Peg Moyer, Verne Walden

C3: Tom Garafolo, Don Luhn, Benita Stanley, Ralph Stanley

C5: John Heckman, Phillip Ives, Tom Robinson, Chuck Teaman

C6: Lynn Danglemeier, Dave Hanson, Gordon Miller, John Service

Tyler Division Roger Redelman, C7

C4: Bruce Barber, Jim Cole, Danny Cook, Keith True

C7: Katy Page, Roger Redelman, Anita Stowe, Don Weinheimer

C8: Mark Canoyer, Parker Deal, Jay Mervis, Diane Smith

C9: Tony Albert, Bill Gray, Bill Jones, Paul Kramer

C10: Phil Baird, Claudia Cason, Lou Lawlor, Rick Zakour  



Minutes to the Special 52/300 Meeting have been posted.

The Summer League Schedule has been revised and posted on the left (again).   Changes are marked in red.  The latest version also has the rainout dates included.

Information and Information Technology Policy:  The recently approved policy is posted in About Us, Governing Documents, Policies.

Stan Sargol (member since 1986, President 1989, and Hall of Honor member) donated a large box of documents.  The following have been added to our website:
Softball Exercises: Green Sheet Softball Stretches
Fitness Info: Muscular Soreness
History: 1980 Original Meeting; 1984 Guidelines; 1984 Player Analysis; 1985 Night League; 1984, 1985       and 1986 Member Application; 1987 Picnic Flyer
History Odds and Ends: 1983 Photo; 1985 Press Release Fact Sheet; 1985 Publicity; 1986 Red White Blue Tournament; 1987 Trip to England Pt 2
Managers: 2002 Dirty Dozen Ways to Lose a Game; 2002 Tense Situations; 2004 Summer Managers List
Policy: 1987 Tournament and External Play
Procedures: 1987 Managers Duties and Responsibilities
Report: 1986 Nomination Committee; 1986 Tournament Committee; 1987 Financial Audit; 1987 Sympathy Policy; 1988 Financial Audit Unofficial; 1989 Physical Injuries
Roster: 1986 Team; 1987 Team Fall; 1988 Red White Blue Tournament; 1993 Team; 1998 Team Summer
Rule Book: 1985, 1986, 1989, 1993, 2000
Schedule: 1984, 1985, 1986, 2004 Summer
Skills: This Game…Slow Pitch
Survey: 1988 Membership; 2002 Managers on Minimum Standards of Performance
Minutes: 1985 (1002, 1203); 1986 (0114, 0211); 1987 (1208, 1215); 1988 (0106, 0120, 0302, 0316, 0413, 0419, 0427, General Membership)


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