Monday, July 24, 2017

NVSS is a slow-pitch softball league open to men 50 and up and women 40 and up.  Seven-inning doubleheaders Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Three conferences based on skill level.    
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Current News

The Tournament games for Monday, July 24, 2017 are CANCELLED due to wet fields.  We will start the Tournament on Tuesday.


There has been some recent confusion concerning 'legal' bats. NVSS rules provide that 'Only ASA approved bats may be used in NVSS'. The confusion has arisen because some bats previously approved by ASA are now 'unapproved' ...see unapproved bats

Beyond that issue, some players are using bats 'so old' that the ASA certification has worn off, or perhaps was never there in the first place. George Hersey and several FAS-qualified umpires will decide how these bats may or may not be used, with details to follow shortly.

So, the rule is your bat must have the ASA certification AND not be on the 'unapproved' list. If in doubt, don't use it; AND, you may wish to use a teammate's bat, with their permission.

Wilson's Aces 10
Leathernecks-Destroyers 1

Rangers 24
Leathernecks-Destroyers 14

Choppers 19
Rangers 13

Choppers 9
Wilson's Aces 5

Air Apaches 8
Dog Faces /Snipers 7

Air Apaches 7
Destroyers/Marines 5

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