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Click HERE to see a video interview of Dave Scheele (Publicity Chair) about NVSS that aired on the Herndon COX station.


     FAQs... You can see a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) from new members  and  from current members.

     GOVERNING DOCUMENTS... There are 3 different categories available for your reading:

    • The Rule Books (current and past) containing the rules of league play
    • The By-Laws for the NVSS organization
    • The Policies

     NEW MEMBER SURVEY RESULTS...  A compiled list from new members on their impressions of  and suggestions for NVSS.

     LEADERSHIP DIRECTORY... A complete list of all the volunteers who fill the positions that are vital to the operation of NVSS.


This is what our members live and play by

Participants in the Northern Virginia Senior Softball (NVSS) League recognize that first and foremost they are engaged in a recreational endeavor in furtherance of good health, sportsmanship, fellowship, and fun. While the competitive nature of the game exists and would never be discouraged, the fact remains that NVSS players represent a very broad diversity in age, skills, experience, and physical condition, and are of both sexes. If the league is to flourish, play must be tempered to recognize this reality.

In acknowledgment of player differences, as weighed against the need to retain a competitive environment, every effort is made to form teams composed of equivalent strengths and weaknesses. Parity and safety are the order of the day and a major factor in the development of rules, and management of the league throughout the year.

NVSS is further characterized by a spirit of volunteerism. Board members, committee leaders, tournament officials, and the managers are all volunteers. And so are umpires - who for the most part are selected from and by "us" on a game-by-game basis. We ask these folks "to call it as they see it." We also ask managers and players alike, in the interest of "less bickering, more play" to resolve a disputed ruling by "calling it as they know it to be".

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