Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Ball Selection Process



The NVSS Board of Directors will vote Dec. 9 on which softball to use in league play for 2016.  Members are invited to attend or calmly voice their opinions via emails to Board members.


The meeting begins at 12:45 p.m. at the Wakefield Senior Center, 8100 Braddock Rd., Annandale, Va 22003.


As part of the information-gathering needed to reach a decision, the Board surveyed members, compared runs scored using the 44/375 and the 52/300 balls.  The results - along with an article by Kevin Schullstrom of A.D. Starr Sporting Goods which concludes the 52/300 ball “is much safer than what we have made in the past.”-  are posted below.


Click HERE to read the Kevin Schullstrom article which also gives explanations of the terms  "COR"  and "COMPRESSION".


As an FYI,  ASA/USA: Rule 3 Section 3E [3]: EFFECTIVE 2014: The 52/300 12 inch ball will be the only 12” ball allowed in Men’s Adult Slow Pitch, Men’s Co-ed, Men’s Master’s Slow Pitch and Junior Olympic Boys Slow Pitch, with the exception of Seniors" .   The NVSS Creed reminds us that “parity and safety are the order of the day and a major factor in the development of rules and management of the league throughout the year.


Below are various statistics to be considered in the choice of which softball is to become the NVSS standard.   In the studies presented below,  the specifications of the three different softballs used in the testing were as follows:

     Baden Fire  44/575

     Dudley Thunder  52/300

     Trump Rock   52/300


(click on bold words to access the report)


3 Ball Comparison  A6 - Player statistics for team A6 using all three balls during league sessions


3 Ball Comparison  C7  - Player statistics for team C7 using all three balls during league sessions


Injury Report -  Reports on injuries during 2015 Fall League play while using the Dudley and Trump softballs


Ball Preference Poll  -  Players' preferences of the three different balls


Runs Scored - Average runs scored for each conference in the 2014 and 2015 Fall seasons


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