Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Many of the documents associated with the operations of NVSS do not fit into any other category.  This page provides background information on what we did, when we did it, and why we did it that way.  Enjoy!
Rose's History

Hank Rose, one of the Founding members of NVSS, wrote a two
volume history of NVSS.  The first volume is primarily based on
his experience.  The second volume is primarily sourced from our
SlowPitch newsletter.
Volume 1, History of NVSS, 1980-1994, by Hank Rose

Volume 2, History of NVSS, 1995-2005, by Hank Rose

Capitol Classic

Early in its operations, NVSS fostered national competitive teams formed from NVSS members.  For 13 years NVSS also sponsored a National level tournament in our area.  The links below provide the history of that tournament.

1998 Capital Area Classic

1997 CAC

1996 CAC

1995 CAC

1994 CAC

1993 CAC

1992 CAC

1991 CAC

1990 CAC

1989 CAC

1988 CAC

1987 CAC

1987 CAC Background Material

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