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Conditioning Info

Below is general advice on lessening sports injuries, especially for senior athletes

Why and How for Adult Softball Warmups

How to Cut the Risk of Sports Injuries

Creating a Conditioning Program Tips 

Many injuries could be prevented by warming up prior to any NVSS activity.  This section provides the rationale for doing so [we hope it will motivate you]and gives a suggested exercise set to do so.

Pre-game Warmup Wisdom

Pre-game Warmup Exercise Program

Softball Exercises

Getting into "softball shape" requires exercising throwing and batting muscles, flexibility, core body strength and aerobic conditioning.  The Winter Conditioning Program exercises used on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, (although they differ a little in each session based on the leader's preferences) were developed in conjunction with INOVA Physical Therapy to provide a minimum program to do just that.  The Thrower's Ten Exercises work specifically on throwing and batting upper body muscles. We encourage all our members to use these exercises in a year-round program to improve their softball experience.

The "Green Sheet" exercises are copyrighted, and are provided to each new member as an example of exercises specifically designed for softball stretching.

The Wednesday program uses different exercises

Softball Exercises Used in the Winter Conditioning Program

Thrower's Ten Exercises

Green Sheet Softball Exercises

Resistance Band Exercises

Video of Wednesday Morning Softball Exercise Workout

Fitness Info

To improve fitness and sports performance, physical conditioning is often included in athletic sports and exercise training. Physical conditioning usually has multiple components, including power, strength, speed, balance, agility, coordination, and endurance.  

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Below is some basic information if you do get injured.

Medical Kit Info


Sprains, Bruises, and Muscle Pulls

Muscular Soreness

Groin Strain Rehab

Hamstring Strain Treatment

Quad Strain Treatment

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