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Financial Reports
NVSS Finances – What a Player Should Know          (as of Jan. 2015)

How much are the NVSS dues?  Dues are $80/year for Fairfax County residents and $140/year for non-Fairfax resident players.  (The County charges NVSS $60/year more for non-Fairfax resident players.)   Non-playing Associate members pay $25/year.   In 2014 NVSS membership included 353 Fairfax players, 128 non-Fairfax players and 68 associates.  

What expenses are covered by NVSS dues?  The principal yearly costs of the softball seasons include approximately (based on 2014 #s):
County fees for the use of the fields $       9,200
Field maintenance     14,000
Softballs and other field equipment           4,100
Team shirts and NVSS hats          10,200
Directories, newsletters, rulebooks, etc.     5,500
Training (umpire, medical, scorekeeping) and supplies      1,000

Are any NVSS leaders paid? No.  Board members, committee chairs, and other workers (except field maintenance) serve on volunteer basis.  

What other activities are not covered by dues?  The cost of annual events such as the Breakfast, Patriot Tournaments, the Picnic, and the Springfield winter conditioning program are separately charged and run largely on a break-even basis.  These activities are shown in the budget.

Why does NVSS have over $40,000 in the bank?  NVSS maintains a cushion against unexpected cost increases (such as county fees, equipment and field maintenance) and to cover bills during the year.  NVSS Board of Directors voted in October 2014 to keep a minimum operating reserve of $20,000.  NVSS expects to use $5300 of reserves to cover a one-time expense for new hats in 2015, to be used for 3 years. 

NVSS financial summaries are published monthly on the NVSS website in BOD meeting minutes.  

NVSS is tax-exempt and eligible for tax-deductible donations.  

More questions?  Ask NVSS Treasurer Henry Ruempler ( or any Board member.   

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