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This page provides basic information about NVSS teams in the various tabs.  The Code of Conduct below is what we expect of our members in all of our games and in all of our operations to make our softball experience a pleasurable one.

NVSS Code of Conduct

12 August 2015


Members are required to abide by the NVSS Creed and to comply with all NVSS rules and policies when involved in any NVSS activity or when representing NVSS in any capacity.


No member shall refuse to abide by an umpire’s decision or, in the case of disputed rulings, the final decision negotiated by the competing game managers.


No member will be allowed to participate in NVSS play if he has in his possession alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs or appears on the field of play under the obvious influence of such.

No member shall engage in using threatening or insulting language or gestures, or any abusive tactics.

No member shall use rough tactics against any person. Similarly, no member shall violently throw or use any object against another individual that might cause physical harm to that individual.

No member shall engage in any physical attack, including shoving or hitting, against another person.

A member is liable for immediate removal from play and temporary suspension from further play by not adhering to this Code of Conduct.

Managers on the field have responsibility for handling violations of the Code of Conduct. Should violations occur, managers may immediately remove such members from the game in progress (and subsequent game scheduled that day, if applicable), and report the incident as soon as possible to the NVSS First Vice President.

Members are required to follow all Fairfax County rules and regulations, to include the Fairfax County Park Authority (FCPA) and Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS). Both FCPA and FCPS ban the use of alcohol on their parking lots and grounds.  Violation by any NVSS member, at or in the near vicinity of Fairfax County property before, during or after NVSS functions, could lead to NVSS losing the right to play on FCPA fields.  Additionally, any individual who fails to abide by the rules and regulations is subject to suspension by Fairfax County.

Discipline and Appeals to Code of Conduct Violations


Any member who violates the Code of Conduct may be removed immediately from the game (and subsequent game scheduled that day, if applicable) by the team manager. The manager shall report the incident to the First Vice President as soon as possible. The First Vice President has the authority to suspend the player(s) for two (2) additional game dates. 


A member who has been suspended for additional game dates may appeal the ruling to the Board of Directors by writing a letter to the President within 5 days. The President shall call a meeting of the Board to review the ruling and allow the disciplined player an opportunity to speak before the Board. When the President receives an appeal in writing, the player shall be reinstated to his team pending a ruling by the Board.


Any member who violates the provisions of the Code of Conduct, or any rule or regulation dealing with Fairfax County Park Authority, Fairfax County Public Schools, or any Fairfax County property may be suspended from future games by the 1st Vice President or suspended for the remainder of the season by the Board of Directors. Repeated violations may result in expulsion from NVSS.


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