Wednesday, December 13, 2017
Rogues Gallery Instructions

Want to find just one person, it is easy.  Just click on the 'Search' button in right corner above the galleries, a search window will appear for you to enter any part of the persons name.  It will then show you any pictures that match that selection criteria.  EX: enter 'Don' and you will get all pictures of members with Don as their first name or 'don' in any part of their last name. 

You can also search by 'TAGS'.   By clicking on TAGS it will show a list of all the 'tags' that have been created and added to pictures.  Just click on the one you want and all the pictures of members currently associated with that TAG will appear.   EX: Click on TAG/Founding Father and you will see all the Founding Fathers pictures.

Sometimes the picture we have of you does not reflect your true good looks.   You are welcome to send a replacement picture to   and your old picture will be replaced with your new one.   Use this e-mail also to correct any misspelling of your name or any mis-identifications of pictures.

Rogues Gallery
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