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Keep in softball shape this winter:

NVSS Sponsored Programs.

1. Winter Conditioning Program.  Held at the Springfield Sportsplex. Members can elect one or more days a week, with each day of the week charging $50 for each session.  Two sessions: 7 Nov – 17 Jan; 20 Jan –end of March.

     --M/Tu/Th/Fr follow a general format of stretching and strength exercises, throwing warmups, fielding exercises, then batting against both live pitching and a pitching machine.

     --Wed format is stretching followed by throwing and a simulated game.

-Mon/Fri 10-12: contact Marty Pfeifer

-Tu/Th 09:30-11:30: contact Marty Pfeifer

-Wed 09:30-11:30: contact Dave Scheele

-Tu/Th 11:30- 13:30: contact John Ray; second session is wait list only.


2. Spring Conditioning ProgramHeld at the James Lee Community Center.  Stretching and Strengthening exercises, followed by throwing.  Batting if field conditions allow.  Runs 4 Feb through 27 March. Free for NVSS members.

Tue and Fri 10-12: contact Frank Roberts, Brian Payne or Tom Redmond.

3. Pitching Instruction: Tu/Th 11:30--13:00. Springfield Sportsplex. $40/$80. 21 Jan-26 Mar.  Limited to 15. Contact Chuck Teaman or Chuck Leone.


NOT NVSS Sponsored:

1. Contact John Brown to join Wait List.  Tu and Thur 9-12 in Reston. Late Nov to end of March.  Fee unknown.

2. Contact Beth or George Hersey for availability. 10 Mondays starting in Jan. $70. Dulles Sportsplex 9-12.

3. Pitching Practice. Mondays, 9:00—10:30. Dulles Sportsplex. 6 Jan-31 Mar. $70. Contact Baz Baziluik.

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