When is the NVSS Spirit Store open for orders?

NVSS offers Spirit Wear items for purchase by NVSS members ONLY. The Spirit Wear Store will be open in the Spring ONLY from late March/early April for approximately 3 weeks. In 2020, the store will be open from 30 March to 26 April.  The NVSS Spirit Store will not be available at any other time of the year due to low order interest. Prices are dependent on bulk ordering to obtain the lowest prices possible.  Our vendor does not carry NVSS items and cannot accept small/individual orders for direct shipment at other times of the year.  

What is available in the NVSS Spirit Wear Store?

·          NVSS Team T-Shirts 

·          Long-Sleeved T-Shirts 

·          Crewneck Sweatshirt

·          Nylon Zipped or Snapped Jackets  

·          Microfleece Zipped Jacket

·          Pull-Up Wicking Shorts

·          Baseball Pants

·          Sweatpants

·          NVSS League Hats

·          Coffee Mugs

·          Magnets ... Refrigerator and Car Style

If you’re not sure of your size, you are welcome to contact our vendor: Burke Sporting Goods, 5616 Ox Rd., Suite C, Fairfax Station, VA 22039, 703-239-9000.  They will help you determine what size you need and assist you with the on-line order.​

How do you order something from the NVSS Spirit Store?

         ONLY when the NVSS Spirit Store is OPEN, click HERE and when the new window opens, enter the Group Code:  NVSS .  You will be taken through easy steps to view the merchandise, check to make sure you choose the right size, personalization of select items (optional), place your order, and pay with your credit card and ship to your home address if you wish.

·         You will get an Order Confirmation Number when your order has actually been placed and you’ll receive an e-mail order receipt as well.   When the window is closed, the vendor will process all the orders.  Ship to home orders will be mailed o/a the same date as the delivery date to the Logistics Officer. 

·         All orders not shipped to your home will be picked up and delivered by the Logistics Officer, Carolyn Dalton, during regularly scheduled game days.​

Will there be a special notice when the NVSS Spirit Store is open?

Yes, the NVSS Sprit Store will say OPEN when you can order.  There will also be a note in the Current News section on the Homepage with more details and tentative delivery dates. 

Who should you contact if you have more questions?

Carolyn Dalton, NVSS Logistics Officer, 703-922-8916, or email: CLJD@aol.com.  


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