A wide variety of historical type Information is available on this page.   The information has been organized into general categories, many with sub-categories under them. 

These are current and past editions of information that change on a periodic basis. 


  • Calendars

  • Flyers

  • Forms

  • Game Scores

  • Leadership Directories

  • Managers Rosters

  • Rule Books & Change Summaries

  • Schedules

  • Team Photos

  • Team Rosters

These are various studies, reports, and surveys that have been produced over the years on a wide variety of topics.

These are a wide selection of articles and old documents that tell the rich history of NVSS and some of its members:

  • old by-laws

  • old policies

  • old procedures

  • 2 vol history

NVSS has sponsored various tournaments involving its members on a voluntary basis.  These are outside of normal league play.

  • Espirit de Corps and Homeland Security are now an annual event held during the Spring/Summer schedule.

  • Capital Classic was an invitational event for senior teams, both local and out-of-the area.

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