You may join anytime during the year.   In mid-March,  all those whose registration form has been received and have been assessed  will be placed on a team,  trying to balance the teams in each conference as evenly as possible.   If you join after team formation, you may be placed on a team that is in need of players (due to sickness, injuries, and other unforeseen circumstances) or placed in the pool as a substitute player if the teams are at full strength.
Things to consider before joining NVSS
  • Availability:  The Spring/Summer season runs from early April until late July.  Fall season runs from early September until late October-early November.   Games start at 9:30 a.m. and last until around 1:00 p.m. every Tuesday and Thursday.  You may opt to play either Tuesday or Thursday,  OR opt to play both days, OR opt to be a pool (as needed substitute) player.
  • Fields Locations:  Games are played on various fields in Fairfax County.  Click HERE for field locations.  If you are not a resident of Fairfax County,  you will have to pay an additional fee at registration.
  • Carefully read the NVSS Code of Conduct and NVSS Creed.   They are strictly observed.
  • There will be an assessment of your playing abilities to determine which of the three conferences for which you are best suited.
General Suggestions:
  • Look over the "How We Operate" page.   It contains information on how the NVSS organization is structured and operates.  Play special attention to  the "FAQs" (click HERE) section - it is drawn from queries from players over the years.
  • Look over the information on the "Members" page... there is a lot of helpful information there about equipment, conditioning, skills honing, and much more.
  • Look over the recent New Member Survey. It reflects the first year experience of members new to NVSS and can give you tips on what to expect.
Finally, look at all the membership benefits you get when you join  
If you have questions, contact Charlie Fusco and Alvin Brockway Membership Chairs at 

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